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When consumers purchase a product, they have the right to expect that it will be safe to use as intended. Unfortunately, defects can occur in various types of products, ranging from auto parts and tools to household items and children's toys. People who believe that products are safe to use may be injured unexpectedly when parts fail, when a product breaks down, or when a product is unsafe because of design flaws or failure to provide people with the proper instructions and warnings.

Manufacturers of defective products or other parties who allowed these products to be sold or provided to consumers may be held responsible for failing to protect people's safety. An experienced personal injury lawyer at Schwartz Jambois can provide legal representation in these situations. We will identify the defects that caused an injury, determine who was responsible, and work to ensure that a victim will be fully compensated for their injuries. We can assist with cases involving multiple types of defective products, including:

Defective Auto Parts

The automotive industry relies on manufacturers and suppliers to provide numerous different types of vehicle components. From brakes and tires to airbags and ignition systems, any defects in these parts can lead to car accidents or other situations that may result in serious injuries or even fatalities. Our attorneys will thoroughly investigate the circumstances surrounding an accident to determine whether parts were designed, manufactured, or installed incorrectly, and we will work diligently to hold all responsible parties accountable for their negligence.

Defective Tools

A defective piece of equipment can jeopardize safety at construction sites or cause injuries during home repair projects. Manufacturers are expected to design tools that meet certain safety standards while ensuring that proper warnings are provided when necessary to inform people about the risks of using equipment. If injuries were caused by a faulty power tool or another piece of equipment, our attorneys can help determine if a design flaw or manufacturing defect was responsible or whether an injury occurred because of a lack of warnings or instructions.

Defective Household Products

The everyday items used around the home should not pose any harm when used correctly. However, numerous household products have been found to be defective over the years, including appliances such as stoves or washing machines, electronics like smartphones or laptops, furniture such as chairs or tables, cleaning products, and more. Injuries may occur because of electrical fires caused by faulty wiring, collapsing surfaces, dangerous mixes of chemicals, and a variety of other defects. Our attorneys will evaluate the circumstances surrounding an injury caused by a household product and identify the responsible parties to ensure that victims will be able to receive compensation.

Defective Toys and Children's Products

A child's safety should never be compromised by a defective toy or children's product. Unfortunately, even with strict regulations in place, dangerous defects can still occur. For example, toys may include toxic substances like lead paint or small parts that cause choking hazards, or items such as child car seats, high chairs, changing tables, or cribs may fail to protect children's safety as required. Our attorneys will work to ensure that all liable parties are held accountable for any injuries to children caused by design flaws, manufacturing defects, or violations of safety regulations.

Defective Drugs and Medical Devices

The pharmaceutical industry heavily relies on rigorous testing and quality control measures to ensure that drugs and medical devices provide the proper benefits to patients while also addressing side effects or other potential causes of harm. However, despite these efforts, faulty drugs or medical devices may be released on the market, and they may cause harm instead of providing the proper medical benefits. Whether it is a medication with undisclosed side effects or complications arising from a malfunctioning medical device such as an implant or prosthesis, our attorneys can work to hold pharmaceutical companies accountable for injuries caused by their negligence.

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