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When visiting someone else's home, shopping at a commercial establishment, or attending events or activities in a public location, people's safety should be protected at all times. Unfortunately, accidents can happen due to the negligence of property owners. Premises liability law holds property owners responsible for injuries that occur on their premises as a result of hazardous conditions. If a property owner or the tenant who was in control of a property failed to correct hazards they knew or should have known about, or if they did not provide visitors with warnings about the potential safety issues, they may be liable for injuries that occur as a result.

If you have been injured on another person's property, it is essential to seek legal representation from an experienced premises liability attorney. At Schwartz Jambois, our personal injury lawyers can investigate the circumstances surrounding an injury to determine who was responsible, and we will work to ensure that you can recover compensation from the property owner or another liable party. We can assist with cases involving:

Slip and Fall Accidents

Fall injuries are some of the most common incidents to occur when people are visiting property owned by others. These accidents can take place when there are slippery surfaces such as wet floors or icy walkways, uneven flooring or carpeting, loose handrails, damaged staircases, poor lighting that obstructs visibility, or debris left in pathways. Property owners have a duty to promptly address these hazards and ensure the safety of visitors, and they may be held liable for accidents that occur when they fail to promptly clean up spills or take other actions to prevent injuries.

Dog Bites

An animal's owner has a responsibility to prevent their dog from causing harm to others while on their property or in other locations. In Illinois, the state's laws hold dog owners accountable for injuries caused by their pets. As long as a dog was not provoked and a dog bite victim was legally allowed to be in the location where an attack occurred, the dog's owner or another party who was in control of the dog may be held liable for the injuries the dog inflicted on a victim.

Negligent Security

In some situations, criminal activities such as assaults may occur when a property owner does not provide adequate security measures. For example, broken locks or a lack of surveillance cameras at an apartment building may result in trespassing, robberies, and injuries to tenants. In public locations such as bars or nightclubs, people may be injured because security staff failed to break up fights or take other measures to prevent dangerous situations. Robberies may also occur in locations such as parking lots or parking garages due to a lack of adequate lighting. In these situations, victims may have grounds for pursuing legal action against a property owner who failed to use reasonable security measures to protect people's safety.

Swimming Pool Injuries

Property owners who have swimming pools must follow regulations concerning pool maintenance and guest safety precautions. Proper fencing around pools, the presence of lifeguards at public facilities, and clear warning signs about potential hazards can help prevent accidents and injuries. A property owner who fails to protect the safety of people who use a pool may be liable for injuries in accidents or other situations.

Amusement Park or Water Park Injuries

Owners of amusement parks and water parks have a duty to maintain their attractions and provide a safe environment for guests. They must perform regular inspections of rides, train staff members on how to handle emergency situations, ensure that adequate safety equipment such as restraints and harnesses are provided, and enforce height and age restrictions for certain attractions. Failure to meet these standards may result in serious injuries for visitors, and a park's owner may be held responsible for the damages suffered by injury victims.

Injuries at Stores or Restaurants

Property owners are responsible for maintaining safe environments within stores, restaurants, malls, and shopping centers. This includes promptly addressing spills or leaks that could lead to slip and fall accidents, conducting routine maintenance on equipment such as elevators or escalators, ensuring sufficient lighting inside the premises and in parking lots, providing secure handrails on staircases or upper levels, and taking any other necessary measures to protect the safety of customers. The owner of a store or the owner of the property where an establishment is located may be liable for injuries that occur because safety issues were not addressed correctly.

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