Billions of Dollars Recovered

$2.4 Billion

Global settlement for patients diagnosed with bladder cancer.

At Schwartz Jambois, we work dilligently to represent individuals and families who have suffered due to the negligence of others. We understand that every case is unique, and our skilled attorneys are prepared to help.

Case Results

Car Accidents

  • $10.95MCar Accident

    Awarded to the widow of an Illinois State Trooper who died in a trucking collision

  • $6.9MCar Accident

    A man that was injured and lost his wife and grandchild in a semi-trailer truck crash in Madison, WI

  • $5.1MCar Accident

    Woman suffering catastrophic injuries following an automobile accident

  • $2.0MCar Accident

    Underinsured motorist claim for injuries suffered by a Wisconsin man in an automobile collision

  • $1.115MCar Accident

    A man that was injured and lost his wife and grandchild in a semi-trailer truck crash in Madison, WI

  • $1.1MCar Accident

    A man that was injured and lost his wife and grandchild in a semi-trailer truck crash in Madison, WI

  • $1.1MCar Accident

    Underinsured motorist claim for injuries sustained in a head-on motor vehicle collision

  • $1MCar Accident

    A woman on a bicycle who was struck by a motorist under the influence of unlawful drugs

  • $800,000Car Accident

    Automobile accident resulting in a mild traumatic brain injury

  • $325,000Car Accident

    A woman who suffered soft tissue injuries in a rear-end trucking collision

  • $325,000Car Accident

    A pedestrian who suffered post-traumatic stress disorder after being struck by a bus

  • $315,000Car Accident

    A 39-year old Chicago woman whose car was hit by a truck, resulting in a back injury

  • $131,000Car Accident

    Auto collision resulting in soft tissue neck injury

  • $130,000Car Accident

    A motorcyclist injured when he downed his own motorcycle to avoid contact with a pickup truck that pulled out in front of him

  • $118,500Car Accident

    A driver injured after hitting a vehicle that pulled out in front of him

  • $109,000Car Accident

    Auto Collision causing aggravation of a pre-existing wrist fracture

  • $60,000Car Accident

    Rear-end collision causing soft tissue injuries to the lumbar spine

  • $26,000Car Accident

    Pedestrian injured while crossing Sheridan Road in Evanston

Premises Liability

  • $7.1MPremises Liability

    18 year old man paralyzed from the chest down from a shooting at a fast food restaurant which failed to provide proper security and contact police when customers were threatened

  • $3MPremises Liability

    Against condo association and management company after 62-year-old woman slipped and fell on ice and suffered fractures to her hip and knee

  • $2.3MPremises Liability

    Back injuries from a fall on an unnatural accumulation of ice

  • $1.75MPremises Liability

    Fall in a Winnebago County hospital resulting in neurological injury

  • $1.5MPremises Liability

    Porch collapse resulting in back injuries

  • $310,000Premises Liability

    A woman who suffered a broken hip after tripping on loose carpet

Defective Products

  • $4.825MDefective Products

    From manufacturer and distributor of cabinet that tipped over on 31-year-old woman causing CRPS

  • $4MDefective Products

    From manufacturer of textile machine after 48-year-old man’s dominant arm got caught in steam rollers of machine resulting in amputation

  • $1.9MDefective Products

    Loss of an eye against a gun shop for faulty mounting of a rifle scope

  • $702,000Defective Products

    Defective ladder resulting in a heel fracture

Wrongful Death

  • $19.2MWrongful Death

    Death of a child from birth injuries related to meconium aspiration

  • $7.1MWrongful Death

    A Louisiana man who died along with 46 other passengers in Lexington, Kentucky, when Comair Flight 5191 attempted to take-off from a runway that was too short

  • $2.4MWrongful Death

    A flight instructor from Belleville, Illinois, died in a runway collision while copiloting an aircraft taking off at Quincy Municipal Airport located in Quincy, Illinois

  • $2.3MWrongful Death

    Drowning death of a woman when her tour flight ditched in the ocean near Hilo, HI

  • $1.8MWrongful Death

    Wrongful death in a DuPage County automobile road rage case

  • $765,000Wrongful Death

    An Adams County resident and security guard at Blessing Hospital in Quincy, Illinois who died when he inadvertently came in contact with the tail rotor of an EMS helicopter

  • $750,000Wrongful Death

    Wrongful death of a 34-year old man due to inadequate hotel security

Medical Malpractice

  • $2.4BMedical Malpractice

    Mass tort settlement for patients diagnosed with bladder cancer

  • $20MMedical Malpractice

    Two-year-old boy who suffered severe brain damage following a routine surgery

  • $10MMedical Malpractice

    Child left brain damaged by air embolism

  • $9.86MMedical Malpractice

    A Chicago area medical student who was seriously injured while receiving an osteopathic treatment from a fellow medical student

  • $8MMedical Malpractice

    Child suffering cerebral palsy due to delay in delivery

  • $7.5MMedical Malpractice

    Child suffering cerebral palsy due to delay in delivery

  • $6MMedical Malpractice

    Birth injury

  • $5.5MMedical Malpractice

    Severe brain injury to a two year-old

  • $4MMedical Malpractice

    Death of a child whose mother was exposed to harmful medications during pregnancy

  • $3.7MMedical Malpractice

    Record verdict for stillbirth in the state of Illinois

  • $3.5MMedical Malpractice

    Against hospital for anesthesiology staff’s failure to properly monitor 75-year-old man during ERCP resulting in brain damage

  • $3.4MMedical Malpractice

    Stillborn infant who died during labor and delivery

  • $3.3MMedical Malpractice

    Back injuries caused by the medical negligence of an occupational therapist

  • $3MMedical Malpractice

    Wrongful death of woman who received improper dialysis medications

  • $3MMedical Malpractice

    Death of a young woman from untreated thyroid disease

  • $2.9MMedical Malpractice

    Medical malpractice resulting in the death of a one year-old infant

  • $2.75MMedical Malpractice

    Below the knee amputation following knee replacement surgery

  • $2.7MMedical Malpractice

    A young woman whose physicians failed to diagnose her with breast cancer for nine months, and instead, diagnosed her with a breast infection

  • $2.65MMedical Malpractice

    Young woman who suffered foot drop following surgical treatment of scoliosis

  • $2.6MMedical Malpractice

    Wrongful death action arising out of medical malpractice for delayed insertion of an automatic implantable cardioverter defibrillator

  • $2.5MMedical Malpractice

    Awarded to the family for the death of a man whose care was mismanaged by a home health care worker

  • $2.45MMedical Malpractice

    Death of a child following tracheoesophageal fistula surgery

  • $2.4MMedical Malpractice

    Leg amputation following improper treatment of compartment syndrome

  • $2.4MMedical Malpractice

    Wrongful death of an elderly woman at an Illinois assisted living facility

  • $2MMedical Malpractice

    Birth Injury

  • $2MMedical Malpractice

    Against surgeon for failure to diagnose pseudomeningocele following spinal fusion surgery of 38-year-old woman resulting in arachnoiditis

  • $1.9MMedical Malpractice

    Wrongful death of man from untreated symptomatic aortic aneurysm

  • $1.8MMedical Malpractice

    Man receiving an overdose of radiation for treatment of prostate cancer

  • $1.75MMedical Malpractice

    Awarded to the family of a child who died shortly after childbirth

  • $1.4MMedical Malpractice

    Death of a newborn

  • $1.4MMedical Malpractice

    Failure to diagnose neonatal pneumonia resulting in the death of an infant

  • $1.35MMedical Malpractice

    Delayed breast cancer diagnosis resulting in subsequent death

  • $1.34MMedical Malpractice

    Death of a young child

  • $1.3MMedical Malpractice

    Surgical malpractice case resulting in the death of an infant

  • $1,125MMedical Malpractice

    Wrongful death of a 45-year old man due to medical malpractice in a Chicago-area emergency department

  • $1MMedical Malpractice

    A man who suffered a heart attack after not receiving positive results of heart testing from a local testing center

  • $1MMedical Malpractice

    Complications stemming from improper treatment of varicose veins

  • $950,000Medical Malpractice

    Against hospital for stillbirth caused by nurses’ failure to adequately monitor fetus during labor

  • $946,000Medical Malpractice

    Failure to repair vascular injury from knee replacement and failing to timely refer patient to university hospital

  • $775,000Medical Malpractice

    Against orthopedic surgeon for a failed hip replacement surgery resulting in limb length discrepancy in 65-year-old woman

  • $750,000Medical Malpractice

    Delayed diagnosis of uterine cancer

  • $500,000Medical Malpractice

    A 54-year old woman who developed a pressure sore in a Chicago area hospital

  • $500,000Medical Malpractice

    Against OBGYN who performed incorrect gynecological surgical procedure on 38-year-old woman resulting in sexual dysfunction and deformity. Theories of liability included lack of informed consent and medical battery

  • $410,000Medical Malpractice

    A 54-year old man with severe dementia who choked to death during a meal served to him at an underinsured nursing home

  • $400,000Medical Malpractice

    A misread pathology slide resulting in a young woman receiving an erroneous cancer diagnosis and unnecessary surgery

  • $389,000Medical Malpractice

    An 89-year old woman who suffered multiple falls while at a nursing home


  • $9MOther

    Worker catastrophically injured in an industrial accident

  • $4MOther

    Clergy sexual abuse

  • $2.7MOther

    Back injury sustained while working for Metra

  • $2.2MOther

    An elderly man’s injuries and loss of his wife when a Lear jet skidded off the runway during a landing in Lexington, KY

  • $1.5MOther

    Stage hand who sustained head injuries after falling off an unsafe stage

  • $1.5MOther

    A man who sustained spine and arm injuries after falling from an improperly secured scaffold

  • $600,000Other

    Victim of sexual abuse

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